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Murder Mystery Dinners

It’s 1884 and Cactus Gulch is ready to celebrate its 20th year as an established town in the west. The railroad will be laying track soon and two rival companies are each hoping to get the bid. There is also the rumor that silver has been found. The town is full of honest folk, but a few people seem to have shady backgrounds. Come join the celebration . . . but beware. It’s hard to know who you can trust.


Way Out West is a participatory Murder Mystery Dinner. You will be given a character to portray, goals to accomplish, and scores to settle all within the 3-4 hour evening. Murder Mystery dinners require at least 10 participants and are held at 6pm on any night of the week. Call us to book yours!



​This is a private party event, meaning you chose the participants.


Gather your most fun-loving friends for an evening you'll never forget.


Parties need to be 10 to 30 participants. 


Since this is a private party, you choose the date.

  1. Arrange your party. The format is limited to 10 to 30 guests.

  2. Call or text us at 620-680-1839 or email us at

  3. We will tailor your Murder Mystery Dinner to meet your wants, wishes and whims.

  4. Make your payment after your party details are finalized. Cost is $35-45 per person depending on meal.


The Historic Rice County Jail at 120 E. Main, Lyons, KS. The evening takes place in the actual jail,

built in 1929.

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