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Our business is in a two-story house built in 1929 as the new Rice County Jail. The main floor (the hotel now) housed the sheriff’s family where his wife also did the cooking for the jail. Also on the main floor was a cell for youth and another for emergencies.

Upstairs a small section held a women’s cell, a hospital cell, and a cell for the mentally insane. The main portion of the upstairs holds two identical cell blocks which each have a main living area with two sleeping cells. Each sleeping cell holds six bunks meaning the entire cellblock could hold 24 prisoners.


Since opening in 2020, we have provided first rate overnight accommodations in the Sheriff’s Apartment and Booking Room on the first-floor. In September 2021, we began historic building tours and event venue rental of the second-floor jail. An escape room adventure was added in November 2021.

Do you have what it takes to escape?

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